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How to Set Up a Smart Phishing Campaign?

In this article, you will learn how to set up smart phishing campaigns.

If you have already set up the One-Time Phishing Campaign (explained here), you know that there is another option for the admin to set up the phishing campaign which is Smart Phishing.

A Smart Phishing campaign is a multi-round phishing simulation. This means your users will receive emails regularly with chosen frequency and the templates delivered will vary depending on the month. Moreover, you can decide whether you want to add new users to the campaign automatically.

To set up a Smart Phishing Campaign, go to Phishing in the Admin panel and choose the Smart Phishing option and press Continue.

Templates are monthly based. Choose a month and click on Edit to see the templates automatically chosen for your company, or change/add other templates from our templates library.

You can search templates by a keyword in the search bar and by the categories below, or even create your own template!

Once you finish the template selection press next to proceed.

In the following section, you can customize the landing page for your campaign:
Mood, text, and video are editable

Once finished press next to proceed.

In the recipients tab select the desired users or departments or send the campaign to all users.
Leave the Auto Assignment ON if you want the newcomers will be enrolled in the campaign automatically.

Disabled users will not get phishing simulation emails.

A newly added user will be included in the next round of the ongoing current campaign.

The unregistered users will not get phishing simulation emails unless the admin sends us a request to change the logic for future campaigns.

In the Delivery Tab select the Round frequency, Delivery Period, Days of the Week, Time Zone & Hours, and Start Delivery.

The calendar below will show you the days when phishing emails are to be sent. Hovering the mouse over the blue highlighted days you can see the number of users who will get the emails this day. 

You can start delivery on the day you set up the campaign, or you can program it for another date. 

The delivery is programmed automatically and you can choose the optimal option for you, by changing the mentioned parameters.

We recommend the delivery of phishing emails be spread among users and days so the employees will not get the same phishing emails on the same day or time and will not suspect that this is spam/phishing email.

Once finished press next and review the campaign settings:

After review, if the settings match your needs, press on Start campaign.

You can see the details such as the Campaign's name, the recipients, and the delivery period. If the campaign was programmed to start another day, you will see the time remaining until the start. Campaign settings can be reviewed by pressing the gear icon.

Also, you can see and download the report, or archive the campaign. If you choose to Archive, the campaign will be shown in Archived and no emails will be sent.

To learn more about how phishing works and where you can see the phishing results, please check the following articles:

We recorded an amazing tutorial with an updated UI, please feel free to watch it! 

How to Create Smart Phishing Campaign🔍


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