How to Add Users

Kindly remember to verify your email with Wizer Training before proceeding further. Check the FAQ section below for how to.

Before adding users Wizer recommends you establish departments names or check if the list of departments offered by us is suitable enough for your company.

1. You can enter Departments from the main menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Check existing default options and add departments adequate to your company, if needed.

Wizer offers the following convenient ways to add users:

  • Single-Sign-On - You can set this up in the settings of your Admin Console. Instructions for Azure, Okta, Onelogin, or G Suite can be found by selecting either and clicking the links or downloads provided.

  • Manual Entry - You can also add users manually by entering email addresses or by doing a CSV file upload (bulk).

1. Select Users from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Invite users by clicking New Users in the upper right corner of your screen. A pop-up will appear with available options.

2.1. To add email addresses manually, use the Add Email Addresses, which is the first visible option.

Type as many email addresses (separate multiple email addresses with a comma or enter key) as you need and click Next. Here, please, keep in mind, that each group of users, you will add, you will be able to assign to only one department or save as No Department.

Select a department from the list. You may assign users as Admin or Learner (or invite them through SSO if you use one by adding a checkmark).

Check if you would like notifications to be sent immediately and indicate it into Send Notifications.

Create a custom message or keep the default one.

To finalize the process click Send.


2.2. To send bulk invites - Click the CSV option right below the manual one. You can upload your own CSV file or download a blank template. 

To use our template, enter all of the emails and departments and save the CSV file. If the department field is blank, users will show up in “no department” by default. 

Click Attach CSV. 

Map the columns of your file to the Email Address Column field and do the same for the Department Column field.

6. Click Next.


What Happens Next?
You will see a notification that users have been added. Invites will go to all of your users.

If any emails are invalid or are duplicates, you will get an error message at the bottom of the screen.

Users who show up in your Users list will remain in pending status until they sign up via the email invite. You can also resend the invite by choosing a user or a few and clicking Send Reminder button.

When your user signs up, the pending status will be replaced with their last login information. they will be assigned any active training campaigns.

You and the user will be able to update password information and change the department field at any time.

Frequently asked questions about Adding Users

I want to use my own CSV file but it doesn't look like your template. Do I have to edit it?
Not at all! When you upload your CSV file, you will only need to map two fields and it doesn't matter what it is named as long as the information matches the mapping.

So, all of my users will get all of the training?
Not quite. Your users would get the training that is assigned to all users or any training that is part of the department to which they belong.

Will users get notifications when they are added to the platform?

Users will only receive notifications in case you assign training, gaming, or policies to them. If there are no tasks for the users to complete, they will not receive any reminders.