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Phishing Campaign Report and Administration

Here, you will learn how to read phishing reports and how to archive or delete campaigns.

When there are no ongoing phishing campaigns, the Phishing Simulation page appears as below:

To create the first phishing campaign, please refer to the article How to Set Up a Smart Phishing Campaign?


The created phishing campaigns will be displayed in the Active Campaigns section. The campaign settings can be viewed by clicking on each Settings symbol. By hovering a mouse on you can see the detailed information on each category.

To view the report of the phishing campaign, please click on the top-right "report" icon.

You will be transferred to the report page, where you can view the campaign's results, such as the number of emails sent, opened, clicked, phished, and reported, grouped by recipients, templates, or departments. All selected data is clickable and can be seen and downloaded as a report in a CSV file.

The reports are available to download in CSV format. Please click the "Export CSV" button on the top right of the page. There are two options: Export Filtered Data and Export Raw Event Log.


More reports can be found in the section Reporting => Reports => Phishing Summary.

Phishing Overview 

Phishing Templates (clickable templates)

By Recipients

By Groups

By Departments

By Campaigns


1. To archive an active campaign, click the top-right "archive" icon.

Caution: The archived campaign cannot be resumed!

All the archived campaigns will be shown in the Archived Campaigns section. You can access the report of an archived campaign by clicking the "report" icon.

2. If you want to delete the campaign from archived, please click the top-right "delete" icon.

Just so you know, the deleted campaign will be completely removed from the reports and history, and cannot be recovered.

"Phished Users" Group

Users who fall for the simulation campaign are dynamically added to the automatically created "Phished Users" group. This group can be assigned additional tasks such as training, phishing exercises, or phishing simulation campaigns.

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