How to Clone a Training Course

1. Select the Training button from the left-side menu bar.

2. Browse through the training courses available and select the one you would like to clone and edit. You will see the video count, number of quizzes, and duration of the training. Browse through the Chapter Menu on the right to see the content. Then hit Copy and Edit.

3. You may update the Training Name and Description, remove the Videos which you find irrelevant, add videos from Wizer Video Library, upload your Videos (should not exceed 150MB), Change the order of the Videos and Quizzes, and edit existing Quizzes, delete them, create or upload your ones. You may split the videos/quizzes into topics by hovering your mouse between the videos until the 'Click to Add a Topic' option appears.

4. You may Preview and Publish your elaborated training. Once you click in the top right corner Custom training becomes available for starting the campaign.

5. You may assign the training immediately or find it under the 'Custom Training' section.