How to Set Up Monthly Video

The Monthly Video is a great tool to keep your team members engaged with fresh and relevant themed content updated each month. The users will benefit from the training both personal and professional and enjoy learning at the same time every month.

Please go to the Monthly Video (opens in a new tab) section on the left sidebar and enable it for your users by clicking the SETUP MONTHLY VIDEO button.


You will be transferred to the Settings page where you can customize Notification email text and subject and set up Reminder Settings (opens in the new window).


When all is set up, click START MONTHLY VIDEO. Please confirm the action by clicking START in the pop-up window.

The action will be confirmed by notification .

To stop Monthly Video, please click on the right top corner of the page.

You may review the monthly stats right from the Monthly Video page, just scroll down the Monthly Video page.

Click on each month to see the statistics for all users and departments and download the CSV report. 

  The new monthly video appears every month on the tab on the first week of each period.

You can replace the future monthly videos by clicking the three dots option near the video's name.


How to Download the Monthly Video Report?

Open the Reporting => Reports => Monthly Video Progress => Export.


Any questions? Please contact our support specialists at 

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