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Google Workspace Directory Synchronization


  1. Activated and tested Google Workspace SSO in the Wizer Admin Panel. Google Workspace Directory Synchronization won’t work without it.

    Google Workspace SSO instructions

  2. You must be an Administrator in your Google Workspace account with the following permissions:
    • Users: Read
    • Groups: Read
    • Group Members: Read
    • Domains: Read
    • Organization units: Read

Instructions for Google Workspace Synchronization Setup:

  1. Go to Wizer Admin Panel SSO settings

  2. Click the Google Workspace tab

  3. Under the Directory Sync tab click the Connect Google Workspace button

  4. The consent screen should be shown with permissions you should grant. Make sure that all the checkboxes are checked and then click the Continue button

  5. You should be redirected back to the Wizer Admin panel. Click the Google Workspace panel, then select the Directory Sync tab. You should be shown that your Google account is connected. Verify the email which is under the Connected Account section, it should be your corporate Google Workspace account's email.

    Then click the Configure Synchronization button
  6. Selecting users to synchronize
    You have to select the same users and groups as for the Google Workspace SSO SAML application you configured earlier. If some subsets of your users are selected to be synchronized but aren’t assigned to the SSO SAML application, the users won't be able to log in, as only the SSO SAML application controls logging in with SSO.

    Selecting domains

    Select the domains from which you would like to provision the users

    Selecting all users or groups

    After you’ve selected your preferred domains, you can choose to sync all the users from those domains or sync users only from a specific set of groups available in the selected domains.

    All Users option

    All the users from your Google Workspace Directory should appear in Wizer, except suspended/archived (disabled users)

    Be careful with the “All Users” option. It will synchronize ALL the users from your directory including service accounts.

    Only Selected Group option (recommended)

    Once the filtering option is selected, press the Save & Test button
  7. A synchronization test can take up to several minutes. The synchronization time depends on your Google Workspace Directory size
  8. When the test synchronization is finished, you should be shown the results. Make sure that the numbers are correct. Then click the Enable Synchronization button
    If you have training assigned to your users, the users will receive email notifications after you enable synchronization
  9. The actual synchronization can also take up to several minutes. The synchronization time depends on your directory size
  10. Once the synchronization is finished, the synchronization status should become "Active"
  11. Now, your Google Workspace users should be synchronized with Wizer. You can confirm it by visiting the All Users page 
  12. You always can initiate an on-demand synchronization by pressing the Synchronize Now button
  13. Automated synchronizations happen every 3-4 hours

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I notify users to start training?
    • Users receive automated notification emails once they are synchronized and have training assigned to them.
  2. What happens if I manually delete/disable a user from Wizer, will the user be added/marked as active on the next synchronization?
    • Yes, if the user is still in the scope of synchronization, the user will be added again or marked as active on the next synchronization.
  3. What happens if synchronized Google Workspace users are deleted from Directory?
    • The deleted Google Workspace users will be disabled in Wizer.
  4. What fields are synchronized with Wizer?
    • Email (note, that we don't support updating emails yet, email addresses are propagated only when users are added to Wizer)
    • Department
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • If users are active - suspended or archived Google Workspace users become disabled in Wizer