Types of Email Notifications

Wizer Users receive 2 types of emails: Training Started and Weekly Reminders. Please refer to User's notifications algorythms

1. Training Started Emails

a. Add Users (Regular)
Add Users ⇒ Admin ⇒ Email to Set Up an Account
Add Users ⇒ Employee ⇒ No Training Assigned ⇒ No Email

Add Users ⇒ Employee ⇒ Training/Gaming Assigned ⇒ Training Started - (List of training to complete) - Registration Link

b. Add Users (SSO/SCIM)
Add Users ⇒ SSO/SCIM ⇒ No Training Assigned⇒ No Email

Add Users ⇒ SSO/SCIM ⇒ Training/Gaming Assigned ⇒Training Started - (List of training to complete) - SSO login link

c. New Training/Gaming assignment (Admin creates new training / User gets assigned to a department that has training assigned /Admin assigns a new department to a training)

New Training/Gaming Assigned ⇒  Regular Registered User ⇒ Training Started - Login link

New Training/Gaming Assigned ⇒  Regular Non-Registered User ⇒ Training Started - Registration link

New Training/Gaming Assigned ⇒  SSO User ⇒ Training Started - Login link


2. Weekly Reminders (sent every Wednesday after 12 PM EDT, can be configured here)

Registered Users ⇒ Training/Gaming/Awareness Calendar/ Policy Reminders Enabled ⇒ User has some items to complete and respective sections in reminders settings are enabled ⇒ User has been online last 3 months ⇒ Email (all training user has to complete including overdue items)

Registered Users ⇒ Reminders Disabled ⇒ No Email

Non-Registered Users ⇒ No Email


3. Manual Training Reminders - Users not Started Modal (training page manual reminders)

Regular Users ⇒ Non-Registered ⇒ Registration Link ⇒ Email

Regular Users ⇒ Non-Registered ⇒ login link ⇒ Email

SSO/SCIM ⇒ SSO login link ⇒Email


Any questions? Please contact our support specialists at support@wizer-training.com