How to Whitelist by IP Address in GSuite

How to Whitelist by IP Address in GSuite

  1. Log in to and select Apps
  2. Select Google Workspace
  3. Select Gmail
  4. Select Spam, Phishing, and Malware
  5. In the Email whitelist section, enter these IP addresses separated by commas:,,,,,

  6. Scroll down to the Inbound Gateway. Turn on Enable checkmark

    • Add the next IP Addresses one by one:,,,,,
    • Leave the Automatically detect external IP (recommended) and Reject all mail, not from gateway IPs option unchecked
    • Check Require TLS for connections from the email gateways listed above
    • Check Message is considered spam if the following header regexp matches
    • Enter this text for the Regexp:dfgkhbjshfvolib3289yhb
    • Select the Disable Gmail spam evaluation on mail from this gateway; only use header value option
  7. Back to General Settings for Gmail
  8. Navigate to the Compliance section
  9. Navigate to Content Compliance section and click CONFIGURE
  10. Create any comfortable for you name for this content compliance
    For example* Wizer phishing content compliance
  11. Under the Email messages to affect field check Inbound and Internal - receiving
  12. Click ADD under the Add expressions that describe the content you want to search for in each message
    • In the drop-down menu, select Advanced content match
    • In the Location dropdown, select Full headers
    • Leave Contains text in the Match type dropdown
    • In the Content field, enter the next text X-TestPhish
    • Click SAVE

  13. In the If the above expressions match, do the following field, select Bypass spam filter for this Message under Spam
  14. Your final Content Compliance Setting screen should look like this:

* Please do not forget that applying changes can take some time. According to Google, it takes up to 24 hours, but usually, it should not take more than 1 hour