How To Set Up OneLogin SSO

How To Set Up OneLogin SSO

Step 1: Configure app on the OneLogin dashboard

1. Log in to the OneLogin Administration Dashboard - Click the Administration Tab.

2. Click Applications -> Applications - Then click Add App.

3. Find the OpenId Connect App from the search field and click on it.

4. Setup a Wizer application. Enter a name for your application in the Display Name - Click Save

5. In the Configuration Tab enter Login Url and Redirect URI Note down your OneLogin domain.


Your OneLogin domain should be something like: For Login URL enter: For example, if your OneLogin domain is, the result will be:

(Replace with your OneLogin domain!) Redirect URL:

- Click Save

6. Click the SSO tab. Change the setting in the Token Endpoint drop-down to POST, - then click Save

7. Get the Client ID and Client Secret

Note down the values as they will be used in the next section

8. In the Access Tab add the Roles that can access this application

- Click Save in the top right corner

9. If you want to assign individual users that can access this application

- Click the Users tab in the header

- Click on the user you want to assign to the application

- Then click Applications


Step 2: Configure settings in Wizer Application

1. Go to

2. Paste Client ID, Client Secret to settings in Wizer Application

3. Paste the OneLogin domain - the same value that was used in the previous step when configuring Login URL

Your OneLogin domain will be something like: (DO NOT INCLUDE https:// OR THE TRAILING SLASH!)

4. Click Save


Step 3: Test your OneLogin integration

1. Log out if you are logged in Employee App (

2. In Wizer admin panel, click your SSO Link in the OneLogin tab

You will be redirected to the Employee App

3. Click Log in

4. You will be redirected to your OneLogin login web page. Enter your OneLogin credentials. You should be redirected back to the Wizer Employee App and should be Signed In