How To Set Up Okta SSO

How to set up Okta SSO

1. Create a New App in the Okta admin portal

As an Okta administrator, log in to your organization’s Okta Developer console here:

Make sure you’re logged in to the admin portal!

Click Applications Add Application Create New App

Chose Web and OpenID Connect Create


2. Under Application Settings, enter the following:

General Settings

Application name: Wizer

Login redirect URLs:

Click Save and click Edit on the Application Page General Settings.


Check the following boxes:

Allowed Grant Types:

Authorizarion Code

Implicit (Hybrid)

Allow ID Token with implicit grant type

Login initiated by:

Either Okta or App

Application visibility:

Display application icon to users

Login flow:

Redirect to app to initiate login (OIDC Compliant)

Initiate login URL:

Click Save.


General Settings:


3. Settings in Wizer Application

Copy Client ID, Client Secret and paste it to settings in Wizer Application (

Paste the Okta Domain from your Okta Org URL (Do not include https:// or the trailing slash!). Your org URL will look like this:


Click Save.


4. Assign users in Okta

Assign users to the Wizer application in Okta, so they can have access to it .

5. Test your Okta login

Log out if you are logged in Employee App ( In Wizer admin panel, click your SSO Link in Okta tab

You will be redirected to the Employee App.

Click Log in.


You will be redirected to your Okta login web page. Enter your Okta credentials. You should be redirected back to the Wizer Employee App and should be Signed In.