Phishing Report Showing 100% Opened and Clicked

Your test phishing email shows in the "opened" and "clicked" status though those actions were never performed

Every phishing email is showing as "opened" and "clicked"

This is very likely a link filter that is enabled on your anti-spam or email filtering service. Several email services offer a "link checking" or "anti-phishing" functionality. 

The first step is to ensure you have whitelisted either our hostnames or IP addresses:

G Suite

Office 365

Next, if you have whitelisted, and you still see a 100% click rate, then there are two options: 

Option 1: Disable your link filtering in your email service. This can be done temporarily for the duration of a phishing test if you wish. 

Option 2: Have us send our emails directly to your mail server and bypass your filtering service. This requires us to obtain your mail server information from you and configure our service to send it there directly. 

If you wish to use Option 2, to set up Smart Hosting following the below steps and then contact support at

How Do I Set up a Smart Host?

You will allow this smart host connection by modifying your firewall and/or mail server rules to ensure that direct SMTP connections from our IP addresses are allowed to your mail server. You can find the list of our IP addresses here.

Then, you need to submit a support ticket to the Wizer Support Team at Please provide the following info in your smart host request:

  • A screenshot of your connector.
  • Your hostname or IP address (a hostname is preferred, in case your IP changes in the future)

Once a Support Representative receives your request, they will submit it to the development team and inform you once this connection has been established. 

We will then be able to send the simulated phishing emails directly to your mail server without having them blocked by your spam filter.