How to Whitelist by IP Address in Proofpoint

Whitelisting in Proofpoint

When you're ready to whitelist in Proofpoint, follow the below instructions. These instructions were gathered from Proofpoint's Safelisting Addresses article.

    1. Navigate to Security Settings > Email > Sender Lists.
    2. Under the Safe Sender list, enter our IP addresses from this list.
    3. Click Save.

If you have issues with attachment-related emails, see Proofpoint's article on Blocks by Default.

What to Do If Your Emails are Going to Spam

If your emails are being sent to the spam or quarantined, you'll need to add Wizer to the Organizational Safe List in Proofpoint.

Follow the instructions below to add Wizer's hostnames or IP addresses to the Organizational Safe List:

  1. From your Proofpoint admin center, navigate to Email Protection > Spam Detection > Organizational Safe List.
Add either our hostnames or IP addresses from this list.