Paul Ferrillo

Paul Ferrillo

Cyber “first responder” and crisis specialist, with regulatory Cyber experience; Board of Directors governance advisor and securities litigator. Adjunct Professor: Florida State University College of Law; Lecturer: Harvard Law School. Author: best-selling primer, "Navigating the Cybersecurity Storm: A Guide for Directors and Officers" and updated 2017 primer, "Take Back Control of Your Cyberecurity Now." Board of Faculty Advisors and Lecturers, Boston College, Master in Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance. Specialties: federal securities law, directors and officers issues relating to corporate advancement, indemnification and D&O liability insurance law (with heavy focus on M&A litigation, restructuring and bankruptcy related issues), cybersecurity law and regulation, and privacy law and regulation. Director: Infraguard, N.Y. Chapter; Stemgarden Institute (promoting STEM education)

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The Basics & Essentials of Cyber Security Insurance

By Paul Ferrillo on Jul 10, 2020 3:29:34 PM

We've asked lots of questions to an esteemed panel of professionals in the Cyber Insurance Sector and we got all kinds of wonderful answers. I literally wish that my auto insurance worked like Cyber Insurance! But, where do we go from here? Paul Ferillo, Partner, at McDermott, Will, & Emery answers the questions on everyone's mind and provides a detailed look on The Basics and Essentials of Cyber Security Insurance.

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