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Recurring and One Time Training Explained

By Anne Hart on Jun 26, 2020 11:44:39 AM

Wizer offers Recurring and One Time training for you and your employees. So which one do you use and when? How do they work?...and...How are they different? It's simple. Click here to skip to a short explainer video!

Whenever you add training for your employees, your active training will show up under the training menu option. Training is either on or off and you are in control of setting the amount of days due. All of your trainings that are "on" will show up in the One Time or Recurring training sections. Trainings that are "off" are in the More Trainings section.

Recurring Training

Recurring Training is great for onboarding new users because there is no need to restart training each time. If you start the training in June, all users will be automatically enrolled, they will have 30 days to complete training, and will automatically be enrolled again next June. If later, Harry is hired, lets say in September, he will automatically be enrolled, will also have 30 days to complete the training and will be enrolled again next September. This stops your new hires from having to complete the training more than one time per year!

one time Training

One Time Training is assigned and completed once. This type of training can be used as a learning opportunity when assigned to an employee who sayyyy….clicks on phishing emails all the time...If you have any active one time trainings assigned to all users, anyone added after, like Harry, will be assigned the training and will have the same number of days to complete it.

Here's a quick video to show you how!

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Your SCORM Package Has Been Delivered

By Anne Hart on Jun 22, 2020 4:17:18 PM

Do you have your own LMS? We have SCORM packages for YOU!

That’s right, you can integrate our security awareness training right into your own LMS so that users have one spot to access courses and you are able to track their progress and get quiz results!

Our SCORM packages work with platforms such as SAP Litmus, Moodle, Docebo, Blackboard open LMS, Canvas, and more.

All of the training and quizzes you see in the app are available in an easy to use player!

Our SCORM files are also 508 compliant which means they have been made to accommodate any employees that may have a hearing or visual impairment! Learners can easily…
  • Listen to training that has a clear and concise voice
  • Read the subtitles of the training
  • Tab between features like chapters and video controls,
  • View training in a larger text size, and
  • Use narrator apps to assist with menu options

take a peek!

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Share Training Videos on Social Media!

By Anne Hart on Jun 19, 2020 9:47:53 AM

You asked for it so our development team made it happen! You can now share Wizer content on Social Media platforms right from the Wizer app in just 3 easy steps! Click here to skip to the 30 second video tutorial!

1. Click the new Video Library feature or the Training option from the Main Menu of the Admin Console.

2. Play a really awesome video and look for the social media icons on the right.

3. Click on the icon you want to create a quick post and share the video to help spread security awareness!

Here's a quick video to show you how!

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New Feature: Security Awareness Calendar

By Anne Hart on Apr 8, 2020 5:40:52 PM

Now you can keep your team members engaged with fresh and relevant themed content updated each month. As always, the training videos are short and sweet.

We celebrated love in February with Nobody Loves You on the Internet, Bad Grammar Day in March,  and most currently, Working From Home Securely during the COVID19 crisis in April.

It’s like getting a surprise each month for your users!  They will benefit from the training both personally and professionally and enjoy learning at the same time!

You’ll even be able to view your monthly stats right from the calendar home page!

All you need to do is just turn it on!


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